Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Fantastic Look of Vintage Jewelry

Tell me where to find that fabulous vintage jewelry!

Vintage jewelry is all the rage and many people want to know where to find the best vintage jewelry on line. There are many different ways to find this beautiful jewelry by using search engines or, if you know the particular place’s website, then type it in. There are many different well known makers of this fabulous jewelry. Sarah Coventry is one example of a site selling this type of jewelry to the public. There is costume and real jewelry. Vintage is defined as being over thirty years old and as old as one hundred years. This is how the jewelry is defined as vintage jewelry.
So this jewelry can be dated?

Yes, this type of vintage jewelry is dated as explained above. This covers the categories of Victorian up to the early 1980’s. Any of these eras are considered to be vintage as far as jewelry is considered. There are many different items, such as brooches, rings and watches just to name a few of the jewelry items that are considered in this particular category. Vintage jewelry is just that, vintage. Every form of jewelry can be considered in this category if the requirements are met. By searching the search term, you will be able to find many sites that sell this type of jewelry and accessories. They are fun to buy and to wear and will be sure to elicit a lot of positive response when you wear one of these fantastic pieces.

Are you sure everything is covered under this jewelry?

Yes I am sure of it. Here is a partial list of the vintage jewelry items that can be sold to the public. This list is by no means a full list. Earrings, bracelets, watches, rings, jewelry sets, brooches, Figure pins, Bakelite, lockets, Christmas jewelry and cufflinks just to name a few of the vintage jewelry categories that you can find on any web site that sells this type of jewelry. Many different sites sell many different things under the vintage sign. There are so many items that you can choose from. Even hair jewelry is included in some sites on the internet. The only way that you will know is to find these shops online and explore the wealth of jewelry that is considered vintage.

So, give me an idea of what I am looking at!

Ok, you are looking at websites full of vintage jewelry that is priced right and enjoyed by a lot of people. There are so many collectors of this jewelry that would just love to get their hands on it. So what is stopping you from finding the best jewelry around? This jewelry is just fantastic and is sure to delight and enthrall you with their variety. So run, don’t walk to your internet and get shopping. You will be delightfully pleased with all the jewelry that you can find on these sites. Plus they make great gifts to give to that special someone.
Vintage Style Beaded Jewelry

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Experience the Real Classic Car: Rent a 1937 Packard in Las Vegas

We can talk all night about any given topic. Debate, discuss, and lay down the facts, but nothing beats experiencing the live thing. Nothing tops really letting the senses feel everything, or to hear, touch, smell, taste, and to see the real deal.

The axiom, "To see is to believe," is what we get when go to museums or car shows to watch and be awed by sports, exotic, luxury or classic cars that are all in display. But with Las Vegas car rentals, the right thing to say is, "To sense is to believe." The real experience and the awakening of the senses is the promise that Las Vegas car rentals bring you.

An even more appreciated point is the fact that with Vegas car rentals, we can still drive one of the leading luxury cars of the past that has now gone defunct. These luxury car models are not for sale anymore. But in Vegas, we are given the option to "rent" the experience and understand the reason why it was one of the leading luxury cars back then. Take the 1937 Packard 120 Convertible Sedan, for example the.

The 1937 Packard 120 convertible sedan was a car manufactured by the now defunct Packard automobile company. Packard automobile was founded by brothers James and William Packard, along with George Lewis Weiss in Ohio. James, a mechanical engineer, believed that they could build better horseless carriage than the Winton cars owned by Weiss. He had ideas for improvement on the design of current automobiles and by 1899 they were manufacturing vehicles. The company which they called the Ohio Automobile Company introduced a number of innovations such as a modern steering wheel and years later the 12-cylinder engine.

While other cars of that time like the Cole 30 & Colt Runabout were priced at US$ 1,500, the Oldsmobile runabout at US$ 650, the Western's Gale Model A roadster was US$500 and the Black was US$375.The Packards were priced at US$ 2,600. Still, they had a following among the wealthy purchasers here in the United States and abroad.

While other car companies like Franklin, Marmon, Ruxton, Stutz, Stearns-Knight, Dusenberg and Peirce-Arrow crashed during the Great Depression, Packard survived by producing more affordable cars in the medium-price range. In 1935 the Packard 120 convertible Sedan came out. It was Packard's first under-US$ 1,000 car.

The Packard 120 was produced from 1935-1937 and again on 1939-1941. It had numerous body styles that included convertibles, coupes and two-and four door configurations. The 1937 model had a "C" and "CD" trim levels. It had a wood-bodied station wagon, a touring sedan and a limousine body style. This model was equipped with a 282 cubic-inch motor with a 120 horsepower, dual side mounts and a heater.

It was after the second World War that Packard began to show signs of its end. It was at this time that Packard suffered a shortage of raw materials needed to manufacture automobiles. In 1959, the Packard nameplate was pulled out from the market. In 1995, there were plans for reviving the brand but the project was later abandoned and the world realized that 1959 was the last for the Packards to ever grace a showroom.

The 1937 Packard 120 Convertible Sedan remains to be one of the luxurious cars of history. And the thrill of riding it can still be experienced through renting it at one of the classic car rentals that Las Vegas offers. Don't limit yourself. To see is to believe is not enough. Go for the full ride, experience to believe.

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Packard Motor Cars 1946-1958 Photo Archive: Photographs from the Detroit Public Library''s National Automotive History Collection

Packard Motor Cars 1946-1958 Photo Archive: Photographs from the Detroit Public Library''s National Automotive History Collection

Packard Motor Cars 1946-1958 Photo Archive: Photographs from the Detroit Public Library''s National Automotive History Collection

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Interior Decorating with Framed Antique Prints

Decorating a room with framed antique prints is a popular method for many do-it-yourself interior designers. Adding framed antique bird prints and fish prints is a simple way to embellish a “lodge” atmosphere in a cottage. Creating groupings of antique botanicals, such as fruits and flowers, is a simple way to embellish a healthy green atmosphere in any room. While millions frame and mount antique prints for decoration, all face the inescapable decision of choosing to acquire antique originals, or opting to use antique reproduced prints. While the dilemma is seldom debated by decorators and designers, the decision made yeilds implications of potentially essential significance.

While some claim that antique original prints have a splendid visual character quality that cannot be duplicated, many find it hard to differentiate an antique original print from an alike reproduction print. The discrepancy in opinion is generally a product of the physical condition of the original print. The amount of digital enhancement performed on a reproduced image before printing can also make a significant impact on how the two compare. On the other hand, some things, such as the vintage appearance of worn and aged paper, just cannot fully be reproduced. Up until the 1990’s there was almost no question as to if an antique original print looked better than a reproduction antique print. It wasn’t until the current age of sophisticated computer technology that original antique prints were scanned (either by digital scanner or camera), enhanced, and reprinted with such superb quality and attention to detail that the reproduciton prints contend with the original source.

Regardless of any individual opinion on how looks factor into the decision, there are few who argue on the substantial difference in cost. Antique originals are overwhelmingly more expensive, and, depending on each print’s rarity and condition, can be three to one hundred times (or more) the cost of a reproduced of the same image. With this in mind, the question is often asked - if most viewers would have a hard time distinguishing between the two, one must wonder, is the cost justifiable? It really depends on the individual. For most hobbyist home decorators and DIY interior designers, the answer is no (especially considering that many will mount themed groupings in several rooms in their homes). Yet, to many collectors of original art, the vintage authenticity of a work of art that dates back several hundred years is very appealing, and the cost is justified. There is also something to be said about the investment value of some rare antique prints. Like any collectable, the values of original antique prints can potentially appreciate over time. For those who desire collectability and value more than they do decoration, this is certainly something to consider. Still, for many interior decorators it is much more cost efficient to seek quality reproductions that suit their individual needs and preferences.

Lower cost isn't the sole benefit to decorating with reproduced antique prints. They also offer flexibility and customization options that help fit a unique work of art into an already well-decorated room. Some print reproduction companies will offer prints in an assortment of size, matting, and framing options. Finding a desired print available in 8x10 to fit in a wall display grouping, when the original from which it came was a 5x7, is a luxury only available through reproduction. If trying to stay on a budget, look for publishing companies that offer prints in standard-sizes---(11"x14", 8"x10", 5"x7"). Because these sizes are widely used, one can easily aquire low cost framing and matting materials. The ability to order a print in Black & White or Sepia is also a decorating advantage. Although only some publishers offer these options, seeking out those who do may be an important element to giving a room the desired effect without compromising the established theme.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

History and use of lunch tins

What do you think of when you think of grammar school? Playgrounds, favorite teachers, bullies? Some of us have nice memories, others...well, not so nice.

One thing that does stand out in my mind though was lunch time. No standing in those long lunch lines for me! No way! My mom made sure that I would have nutritious meals. So, every August we would go hunting for...yep...lunch boxes. That was a process. After all, it had to be the right one, the one that would show my favorite...whatever of the year. That was part of the fun of shopping, finding what it was that best suited my mood or personality at that time.

Here’s a little background on lunch tins: They weren’t used until the early 20th century when people started using tobacco tins to haul their lunches to work and school. Can you imagine the smell that went along with each bite of sandwich? Yuck! The first lunch tins were made at INCO mines in Sudbury,Ontario.

In 1935, Geuder, Paeschke and Frey produced the first licensed character lunch tin, “Mickey Mouse”. It was a lithographed oval tin and had a pull-out tray inside. It did not contain what they called the “vacuum bottle”, what we know today as the thermos.

In 1950, Aladdin Industries created the lunch tin based on Hopalong Cassidy. This one sold 600,000 in it’s first year!

Do you remember your favorite lunch tin? Superman? Partridge Family? Care Bears? Barbie? How about Archie Comics or Peanuts or Knight Rider? There was a lunch tin for everybody!

Sadly, they stopped making metal or tin lunch boxes in the 1980’s due to concerns of them being used as weapons on the playground.. In the 90’s, people had pretty much stopped buying them altogether, though they still make some out of vinyl or plastic.

Too bad. It was fun that first day of school “showing off” our lunch boxes (never mind the contents!), seeing what fads my friends were into.

Some of your older, in-good-shape ones, actually sell for a few thousand dollars! Have one laying around in your attic?

It’s a long lost era. The fun news is that there are “retro-lunch tins” out there. A few places sell them, and antique stores still carry a few.

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