Thursday, January 22, 2009

Antique Lights

If you’re looking for some classic antique lamps to complete your home, office or study, look no further than our type 1227 and 1228 antique lights ranges.

Based on our original antique table lamps design in 1930, the 1228 mimics a banker’s lamp to help give your desk an authentic air while writing out bills to the utilities or making out cheques. In addition to this, our 1227 range tweaks the original George Carwardine design and is also noticeable for the new floor standing version of the original design.

Our designs are such classics that they are perceived as being part of standard office furniture for professionals such as architects and interior decorators - providing a stylish antique light that can show your personal vision in its best light is our speciality. In fact our antique table lamps have helped many professionals get through to the other side of a creative block since the thirties and continue to do so today.

Our range of antique lamps can help to emulate the quiet of a study area or to inject a sense of character into an otherwise modern office situation. Antique table lamps may seem like a thing of the past, but Anglepoise knows how to position a product and can light the way for you to have a new look office or study that will inspire you. If, however you are looking for a modern twist on this brilliant timeless design why not look into our latest 'Fifty' range, developed by British designer Anthony Dickens so that all of our customers can experience the fun side of this indispensable design.
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