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Antique World Maps and Tapestries

Antique world maps and cartography are some of the world’s most under-appreciated treasures. Antique maps are not only historical gems, but they can also be beautiful pieces of art. Some of the earliest known maps were drawn by the ancient Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians, and Chinese. The ancient Greek astronomer, Ptolemy, drew one of the earliest world maps. Today’s experts have recreated the Ptolemy map. During the middle ages in Europe, map-making declined somewhat due to the leading philosopher’s interest in religion. Priests during the European middle ages preferred to concentrate on religion and spirituality rather than geography. While there were some maps drawn, such as Anglo-Saxon maps, Europe still had a lot of catching up to do with Asia where map-making was concerned. During the middle ages, the Chinese were leading with map-making sophistication. As the middle ages in Europe began dying out, Europeans were able to catch up with the Chinese. The discovery of the Americas played a huge part in increased map interests. During the exploration period, historic maps began to flourish. As the known world grew to explorers, so did the maps. World globes were also being made near the end of the fifteenth century.

Beautiful tapestries of the world were also made during the 16th and 17th centuries. Antique world maps were captured in detail and sewn on wall tapestries. The craftsmanship of world map tap tapestries, globes, and historic maps was very striking and detailed. They were truly works of art, and are still around today. Collectors of history consider antique world maps to be very valuable, and many are still in great condition. Replicas are also being made on parchment paper for a “antique” feel. Some collectors prefer their antique world maps to be in as much mint condition as possible, while others enjoy the old, yellow stains that give historic maps true antique-ness.

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