Thursday, October 9, 2008

Collect Antique Toys

The joy of collecting antique vintage toys is very appealing to people because it can be a fun, and wise investment. At antique shows and shops the phrase “They just don’t make them like that any more” is often over heard, and for good reason! Generally toys which have reached the age of roughly fifty years will be considered antique. However when you look for vintage toys you will often see items which are only ten to fifteen years old. The word vintage has a slightly looser meaning than the word antique among sellers of these items. This is fine because there are actually many factors involved in which the status and value of collectibles are defined.

With any collectible you need to be acutely aware of the condition of the item. Excellent condition can often mean two or three times the value of just good condition. Mint condition can even result in many times more than the value of an item in just good condition.

It is a good idea to keep in mind that not everyone’s ideas of condition are going to be the same. This is why you should always closely inspect your potential purchase either in hand or through quality photos. You should also ask any questions you may have regarding the authenticity of antique vintage toys to be sure that the information is jiving correctly with what you already know about certain toys from certain periods. This will help you decide if the seller you are dealing with is knowledgeable, or at least honest. But aside from the age and condition there exists yet another point to collecting antique vintage toys; the shear fun of collecting them. Often a person may have started a collection as a child and then they find themselves well into their adult years still collecting!

And often the ultimate goal is to have a complete set of something; this can keep the fires burning and the collecting fever going for a lifetime.Vintage items offer a great means of investment because they are getting rarer every day. It is never possible to truly predict what will become a collectible in the future, and the last thing anyone thought about in the past was that in the future a cheap little toy would become a valuable antique that would be highly sought after by collectors.

And certainly what once cost maybe a few dollars can now be worth several hundred dollars or even much more. Since this is such a huge and active market, you can easily find several options for repairing antique vintage toys when necessary.

A true specialist will be familiar with not only the proper repair process for wood or metal toys, but also how to fix issues without causing any more market devaluation than necessary. Some collectors will seek out damaged items at rock bottom prices and then spend some money on having them properly restored to near original condition. This can be a great substitute for an absolutely mint example which may be nearly impossible to find do to the overall rarity of the piece.The antique vintage toys market is very strong today, like they say “They just don’t make them like that anymore” and unfortunately they never will again.

Steiff Classic 1905 Teddy Bear Blonde Mohair 12”

Steiff Classic 1905 Teddy Bear Blonde Mohair 12”

A Steiff Classic 1905 Teddy Bear is ideal for your collection. Steiff Classic 1905 Teddy Bear is made from the finest light blond mohair, fully jointed, surface washable ,size 22cm.Ages 3 and up.By Steiff

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